6 Tips to Select Wine in a Restaurant

Wine Pairing   /   Jul 1st, 2019

Scenario: You are provided a long wine list and the restaurant does not have sommelier to assist you in selecting the perfect bottle of wine. What do you do?

1.    Order a drink and sit back to review the wine list.
2.    Think about who you are dining with (e.g., clients, boss, or wine-loving friends up for an adventure) and the potential price range.
3.    Ask what everyone is eating for their main course and who is drinking wine. 
4.    There are about 4 or 5 glasses in a bottle of wine and most people drink at least 2 glasses during dinner. Order enough of the wine for people to get at least the 2 glasses.
5.    If there are a variety of foods from poached seabass to prime rib and you don’t have an unlimited budget, then choose a medium-bodied wine with some oak aging – Grenache or Pinot Noir are versatile choices. Or choose a red and a white wine for the table.
6.    Or maybe you decide it is “not a bottle kind of night” and suggest wines by the glass for everyone.