Aging Wine in Barrels vs. Stainless Steel

General Wine Information   /   Jan 31st, 2019
Curt at the LDV Winery

There are variety of reasons to choose aging wine in barrels vs. stainless steel. Aging wine in stainless steel tanks places the wine in a sort of suspended animation. It allows the wine to settle before it is clarified and finished. Tanks do not allow oxygen to interact with the wine or add any flavor. A barrel breaths allowing a little bit of oxygen into the wine. Barrels also allow moisture to evaporate through the wood staves. What does that do to the wine? It dissipates some alcohol and concentrates the wine. This evaporation does not occur in stainless steel tanks, so the wine remains the same and does not get more concentrated.

Winemakers choose the various aging vessels for many reasons. At LDV Winery we age wine both ways. Taste the difference and determine which one you like best.