Difference Between Wine & Table Grapes

General Wine Information   /   May 13th, 2023
There are major differences between wine and table grapes. Here are 6 of them.
  1. Species. Vitis Vinifera species from the Mediterranean for wine grapes.
  2. Skin Thickness. Table grapes are thinner. To make great wine, the grapes need thicker skins to create better tannins, flavors, and color.
  3. Sweetness. You would expect that table grapes are sweeter, but it is the opposite. Wine grapes are sweeter to convert the juice into alcohol and add depth. 
  4. Timing. Wine grapes are harvested later in the season allowing enough hang time to sweeten, to enhance flavors and concentration.
  5. Size. Wine grapes are smaller with concentrated flavors. Table grapes are large bursting with juice and water.
  6. Yield. The trellising system is very different allowing much higher production per vine for table grapes.
LDV Winemaker Curt Dunham explains the difference in this brief video.