Wine + Vegetable Pairing

Wine Pairing   /   Apr 14th, 2023
Gardens everywhere are starting to sprout vegetables. Enjoy your veggies with wine. Here are five tips to pair wine with vegetables.
  1. Consider the type of vegetables and cooking method when pairing wine. By themselves, artichokes and asparagus are difficult to pair. But put a sauce on them then choose the wine to pair with the sauce.
  2. Think about the texture and balance flavors. 
  3. If you are caramelizing carrots or other root vegetables, choose a full-bodied Zinfandel with enough spice to complement the sugar.
  4. Mushrooms love full-bodied red wines as do roasted potatoes.
  5. Adding a cream sauce to vegetables such as spinach changes the wine pairing. Choose a wine that can cut through the richness of the sauce.
Wine is not just for meat lovers only. View this brief video about pairing wine with vegetables.