All About Cork

Jan 2nd, 2023
We love cork as the closure for LDV Winery wines. Our wines aged a long time, and we feel they are still the best wine closure for ageable wines. We became fascinated by cork while in Portugal after seeing it rolled and drying in a cork oak tree field where we enjoyed a wine picnic lunch. Here are a few corks facts.

1.    68% of all cork produced is for wine stoppers which dates back to the 1600’s.
2.    Half of the bark from the cork oak tree is harvested at a time.
3.    Cork oak trees are first harvested at 25 and then every 9 years. It is not until the third harvest that the bark is sufficient quality to make wine closures.
4.    Portugal is the largest producer of cork (52%) followed by Spain, Italy, and Algeria.
View this brief video about all things wine cork.