Holiday Gift Ideas from LDV Winery

General Wine Information   /   Dec 19th, 2022
LDV Winery’s award-winning wines are a direct reflection of the unique high-altitude terroir in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills in Southeastern Arizona. LDV Winery Wine Tips provides you with easy to apply tips to expand your wine and food enjoyment that we have been employing for years. Share your wine tips with us!
Some of our Favorite Things

For that wine lover on your holiday gift list, here are 5 of our favorite wine gifts or visit our LDV Winery Gift Catalog.

1. Vertical of Estate Wines – Estate wines celebrate a sense of place or terroir. Wine produced from the same vineyard in consecutive years can show the impact that the growing season has on the wine’s flavors and aromas.

2. Crystal Decanter – A good decanter allows the wine’s aroma and flavors to open.

3. Great Wine Glasses – The perfect wine glass plays an important role in wine enjoyment.

4. Dual Action Corkscrew – These are the perfect corkscrews for opening that great bottle of wine. Great stocking stuffer.

5. Wine or Culinary Books – Choose a book to explore a wine region or one that explore food and wine pairings to expand your wine appreciation.

View this brief video about some of our wine centric favorite things.