LDV Grape Varieties - Harvest Update

LDV Sustainable Practices   /   Aug 10th, 2022

In August, LDV Rhone grape varieties are going through veraison (i.e., the transition from berry growth to berry ripening). 

Viognier – LDV’s only white grape that produces full-bodied wines with perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine, and honeysuckle. LDV will be harvesting in mid- to late-August. 
Grenache – Nicknamed the “Pinot Noir of the Desert” this grape produces medium-bodied red wines. It is usually the second red wine grape harvested but this year it is slow to ripen. LDV anticipates mid-September to harvest Grenache.
Syrah – A dark-skinned red grape, known for producing very full-bodied wine with bold flavors. These berries are larger and of a different formation than Petite Sirah. 
Petite Sirah – This variety creates small berries with a high skin to pulp ratio that produces rich wine and bold flavor. LDV farms for small berries to ensure intense flavor and color. This grape hangs on the vine well into September.

The video provides a harvest update on LDV’s four grape varieties.