Vineyard Site Selection

General Wine Information   /   Jan 25th, 2019
LDV Winery Vineyards in Pearce, AZ

LDV Winery’s five criteria used to choose the perfect vineyard to grow and produce their award-winning wines.

1. Altitude – High altitude grape-growing produces unique characteristics that we enjoy in wines. Our spot at 5,000-foot elevation has cool nights and the 10,000-foot Chiricahua Mountain creates weather variability.

2. Water – Even though wine grapes are a low water crop, you need water quality, quantity, and the ability to control water.

3. Volcanic Soils – LDV is located on a narrow plume of volcanic soil that add unique flavor characteristics.

4. No Commercial Agriculture – Our goal was to find a pristine property that was never commercial farmed or none occurring near the vineyard site.

5. Good Air and Drainage – Grapes don’t like to have their roots wet for long. LDV vineyard has a 3% grade that slopes toward Ash Creek and the rocky soil percolates water away from the vines. Ash Creek provides air drainage from the mountain that allows air to flow by and not through the vineyard.

Learn more about our special spot, stop by the Old Town Scottsdale tasting room.