Planning a Wine Date Night - 4 Tips

Wine Pairing   /   Feb 9th, 2022
Here are our top 4 tips for planning a special wine date night.
  1. Create an Experience – Skip the red roses and create a special experience. Think about what the other person enjoys – a hike & picnic, wine & cheese, or a trip to the perfume counter together to pick the perfect captivating fragrance.
  2. Choose Wine – The wine does not have to be expensive just interesting. Choose one your date might like, not your favorite. If your special person likes Pinot Noir and you like Cabernet Sauvignon, choose a great Pinot.
  3. Create a Wine Story – Choose a wine that can ignite the conversation. If your date is from Oregon, choose a wine from there. Learn about the wine and growing region. Use the knowledge to create a lively discussion and to engage your date to share stories about her time in Oregon. It will be the stories that are remembered long after the bottle is finished.
  4. Wine + Chocolate – When pairing wine + chocolate, match tannin levels. Bolder wines like a Petite Sirah pair best with darker chocolates. Creamier the chocolate, less tannic the wine.
View the short video about planning a special Wine Date Night.