Love Dry Wines

General Wine Information   /   Jan 14th, 2022
Love dry wines, not dry January! LDV Winery’s winemaking style is to ferment most of our estate grown grapes down to zero residual sugar. The dryness level of a wine is a direct reflection of the sugar that remains in the wine after production is completed. LDV grows exceptionally high-quality grapes in a sustainable way. Our goal is to showcase the grapes with very little manipulation. We want you to taste the true, natural flavors created by our special place and these can be masked or muddled by residual sugar. However, there are wonderful wines that have a range of sweetness to them. LDV’s “Epilogue” is an example of a dessert wine. A lot of people give the example of wines they like that are sweet like Riesling or Muscat. But these wines can also be extraordinary dry wines. Instead of celebrating dry January, let’s explore dry wines! Here is wine tip defining dry wines.

View the short video about the splendor of dry wines.