Pizza and Wine Pairing Tips

Wine Pairing   /   Dec 15th, 2021
Here are 5 tips to pair wine with pizza. 
  1. High Acid Wines “Cut the Cheese.” A wine’s acid can cut through the creaminess. Try a Grenache to balance the tomatoes or a spicy Syrah to add extra complexity to a plain cheese pizza.
  2. Consider All the Add-On Flavors. When selecting the wine consider the pizza toppings. Ham and pineapple will take you in a different direction than a pepperoni or sausage pizza.
  3. Margherita Pizza Simplicity. Buffalo mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil, and fresh tomatoes pair with Chianti Classico. Consider other medium-bodied reds like Pinot Noir from Oregon or Arizona Grenache.
  4. Bubbles with White Pizza. Taking the tomato sweetness and acid away, make sparkling wine the perfect choice. Try a California or French Brut Rosé.
  5. No Sweet Wines. Make a dessert pizza if you want sweet.
View the short video about Pizza and Wine Pairing Tips.