Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing   /   Nov 2nd, 2021
Four tips to pair the perfect wine with Thanksgiving dinner.
  1. It’s an American holiday, choose American wine! Better yet choose Arizona wines. Our go-to wine is a Grenache. The ripe berries and soft tannins make it a perfect match for the richness of the typical turkey dinner. Also consider an Oregon Pinot Noir.
  2. Consider All Flavors. If you are putting a Southwestern spin on the meal, consider the spices when choosing the wine. Fuller-bodied white wines (California Chardonnay) or a medium-bodied, oaked red wine can stand up to the spice & buttery mashed potatoes & gravy.
  3. Bubbles. Don’t shy away from a great sparkling wine like a CA Brut Rosé that can complement the intense flavors. Or consider dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer from Washington or Oregon. The acidity can cut through the richness.
  4. Stay away from Sweet Wines. Lean toward the drier profile. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the pies, not your wines.
View the short video about LDV pairing the right wine with Thanksgiving.