Wine Influencers

General Wine Information   /   May 5th, 2021

The obvious influencer is the grape variety which also impacts the wine’s acidity, color, brix (sugar), and tannin levels. The terroir or where the grapes or what is happening within its environment (climate, weather, sunlight, soil composition, etc.) can also influence the wine’s flavor. The wine’s aging vessel will impart different flavors (e.g., brand new oak barrel adds more oak flavor than a five-year-old barrel). Some lesser-known influencers are the additives that winemakers use to enhance the wine’s color, flavor, acidity, complexity, or finish. Fining agents are added to finish or clarify the wine before bottling. These additives can influence the wine’s look, aroma, and flavor. LDV Winery does not use any fining agents or additives to the wines. LDV wines are intended to reflect the grapes harvested that vintage with very little manipulation. It is a once in a lifetime celebration of that year’s harvest.