Temps Rise, Choose Red Wine

LDV Wines   /   Jul 1st, 2020
As the temperature goes up do not shy away from red wines. Here are 5 tips to enjoy summertime red wines.
  1. Try a dry, chilled rosé wine. Today’s rosé is not the rosé of the 1960’s. They are complex, rich, and truly special.
  2. Chill down red wines to 65 degrees and try to keep them there. Unless you have a temperature-controlled wine cellar, our homes are warmer in the summer so even red wines might need to be chilled a bit before serving.
  3. Think about the spices or cooking method when pairing a red wine this summer. Let those guide you in choosing the right wine.
  4. If you are eating lighter, choose cheese, fruits, and light red wines.
  5. Red wine and grilling are a perfect pairing. Summer brings the grill out; red wines should make an appearance too.
Learn more tips for serving red wine in this short video.