Vineyard Shoot Thinning

LDV Sustainable Practices   /   Jun 3rd, 2020
An important task in the vineyard this time of year is called “shoot thinning.” This means removing undesired vine growth by hand. The key is to leave vine shoots that play a role in canopy development. Removing these shoots allow us to create a good canopy protecting the grape cluster while allowing good air flow and sun for proper ripening. The other important purpose of shoot thinning is to manage crop load so that we do not overload the plant with grapes. Therefore, as we go through the vineyard thinning each vine, we are also removing non-viable grape clusters. Lastly, the process of vineyard shoot thinning also includes vertical positioning. This is where we position the vines pointing toward the sky between the upper wires so the vine can create the important canopy that will protect the grape clusters from the sun’s intensity. 

Learn more about shoot thinning in this short video.