Vintage 2020 Bud Break

LDV Sustainable Practices   /   May 1st, 2020
Spring is an exciting time of the year. Bud break ushers in the start of the 2020 vintage with the vines awakening from the winter slumber, flowers forming, and baby grapes emerging. Late March we began to see the sap appearing on the vines. The warmer weather and sun angle initiates sap flow. In the wintertime, the vine shifts all its energy (sap) into its root ball. If it remained on the vine, it would freeze.

When sap is flowing, the moisture is full of nutrients that encourage budding. The tender shoots are susceptible to frost and cold weather. Viognier buds first, a week to ten days ahead of LDV’s other varietals. Bud break is the first sign of vine activity that provides a hint at the vine’s health and what to expect from the 2020 vintage. 

One thing we know for sure is that the vineyard and vines do not care what is going on in the rest of the world. In the vineyard, life springs external. Learn more about bud break in this short video.