Wine Storage Tips

Dec 31st, 2019
Choose your wine storage system carefully. We chose our wine racks for three reasons.
  1. Wine labels are works of art so showcase them.
  2. Open racks allow you to see what wines you have without having to put label tags because you are not looking at the bottle’s head or bottom.
  3. Racks are open allowing good air flow that will keep temperature uniform. Diamond bin racking systems can have hot & cold spots which is not good for storage.
Other tips: 
  1. Invest in a good wine refrigerator to store wines at the proper temperature. 
  2. If you cannot invest in a racking system or refrigerator, choose a dark place free of vibration, perhaps in a closet. Store the wine sideways on the floor. The floor is always the coolest part of the house. 
  3. Never store your wine in the kitchen which is the hottest location with temperatures varying widely.
Learn more tips for storing wine in this short video.