Tips for Hosting a Successful Party

Dec 1st, 2019
Six tips for hosting a great party.
  1. Determine the type of party (e.g. standing cocktail party, sit down dinner, formal, pool party) and let that direct the logistics (e.g. venue, set up).
  2. Number of guests drive the menu and amount of wine.
  3. Prep Time: 1 week before plan the menu and identify platters. 2 days ahead grocery shop, start cooking, and party set up. Always choose a menu with do-ahead dishes.
  4. Wine Rule of Thumb: Six 4 oz. glasses of wine per bottle. For a standing cocktail party, consider 2 glasses per hour per guest.
  5. Party Day: Prepare last minute items, create the party mood, turn on music, and light candles. Get dressed in plenty of time to be able to greet your guests. This is hard and I don’t always make it.
  6. Last hour before they arrive, pop some champagne and remind yourself – They don’t know what didn’t get done. So, don’t fret over it and have fun!
Learn more party planning tips in this short video.