Wine Blending vs. Blends

LDV Wines   /   Nov 3rd, 2019
Most wine is blended in some way but not legally called a “blend.” Technically, a wine blend is a wine that has less than 75% of one dominant grape varietal. If that is the case, it is considered a red or white wine. However, the wine blending process might include: 

- Blending one grape such as Grenache from different oak barrels or toasting profiles (e.g., Pennsylvania or Missouri and neutral oak barrels). 

- Blending smaller quantities of different grapes together with the dominant varietal. LDV’s 2013 Sky Island Petite Sirah has 17% Syrah blended with the Petite Sirah, but it is still legally called a single varietal wine. 

LDV’s R.E.D. is a true red wine blend – 62% Grenache, 8% Syrah, & 30% Petite Sirah. But it was also blended from different types of barrels. 

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