Canopy Management

Sep 3rd, 2019
An important vineyard practice is diligent canopy management throughout the growing season. What does canopy management do for the grapes?
  1. Grape leaves act like a photocell on a solar energy system that pick up the sun’s rays and converts that into energy. Providing a good canopy structure ensures that the vine can generate energy to create great fruit.
  2. The canopy also plays an important role in shading the grapes from the sun to avoid sunburn. Of course, red wine gets all its beautiful color and flavor from the grape skins so protecting them is critical.
  3. The canopy can also shelter the fruit from rain and hail that occur during Arizona’s monsoon season. A well developed and positioned canopy can help the fruit survive a potentially catastrophic weather event.
Canopy management is an important part of growing wine grapes. When we do it right, it creates miracles. Curt explains canopy management in this short video.