What to ask a Sommelier?

General Wine Information   /   Apr 7th, 2018
You are out with clients and the waiter hands you the wine list. Don’t panic, ask for the Sommelier. This is person is a trained expert responsible for creating/maintaining the wine list, serving wine, and recommending appropriate wines. They are there to enhance your dining experience. Here are 5 tips. View the LDV Winery video at: https://youtu.be/kUdlyau5LGo

1. Provide a desired price range. Doesn’t have to be expensive.
2. Communicate your dinner choices.
3. Provide some guidance about what you like (e.g., fruit-forward or earthy wines; I don’t like heavily-oaked wines).
4. Ask if there is a really “hot” or exciting wine out now? A great vintage or something drinking well.
5. Have the Sommelier suggest a new winery, grape varietal, or an up-and-coming new wine region.

If you let the Sommelier choose, you are probably going to get a memorable bottle of wine because the person’s reputation is on the line. And yes, you should tip specifically for this service depending on the type of service provided and how much the wine costs. I provide an in-person “thank you” and a cash 18-20% tip on the wine directly to the Sommelier.