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LDV Winery’s award-winning wines are a direct reflection of the unique high altitude terroir in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills in southeastern Arizona. Our monthly blog From Vineyard to Table shares how we celebrate the spirit of place through LDV’s sustainable practices, entertaining approach, food & wine pairings (including original recipes), and winemaking techniques. Wine Tip Wednesday provides you with easy to apply tips to expand your wine and food enjoyment that we have been employing for years. Share your wine tips with us!

August 26 to September 02: Tips for Balancing Flavors

Eating and drinking wine requires all of your senses. Think about the aromas and flavors of the food and balance or match those with the wine you are serving.

For example, the aromas and flavors of the mesquite grilled stuffed beef braciole (photo shown) or a New York steak need to be paired with a wine that will not disappear under the intensity. A full-bodied wine like a Syrah or Zinfandel would pair beautifully.

To learn more, read From Vineyard to Table blog, September 2013. Or to download a recipe for a Mesquite Grilled New York Steak with Fire Cracker Onions.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


August 19 to August 26: Tip for Pairing Wine & Vegetables

Wine is not just for meat lovers. You should take into consideration the type of vegetables and how you plan to cook them when choosing the perfect wine.

The most difficult vegetables to pair wine with are artichokes and asparagus because of the interesting flavors. However, mushrooms love a full-bodied wine as well as roasted potatoes. Think about the texture, flavor balance, and cooking approach.

If you are putting a cream sauce on your spinach you need a wine that can cut through the richness of the sauce. If you are adding ginger and brown sugar to your carrots, you might want to choose a full-bodied Zinfandel because it will have enough spice to complement the sugar. In any case, experiment and have fun.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


August 12 to August 19: Determining the Right Amount of Wine for a Dinner Party

The number of guests will help determine how much wine to purchase. If you are serving 3 to 4 courses paired with different wines anticipate one four ounce wine glass per course per guest.

There are a little over 25 ounces in a standard wine bottle. Three quarters of a bottle per person is a good rule of thumb. However, always have a couple of extra bottles available in case your event gets really rockin.’ Uber is a beautiful thing!

To learn some more tips about hosting a winemaker dinner, check out the July 2013 From Vineyard to Table blog post,
in the archive.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


August 5 to August 12: Wine Pairing Tip

When menu planning, chose the wine first to set the tone. Then determine what food you are going to prepare to complement the wine.

This gives you the freedom to choose the freshest ingredients and seek out local products. You can change the ingredients, spices, proteins, or food preparation methods, but you cannot change the wine!
  Wine Tip Wednesday


July 29 to August 5: Five Tips to Enjoy Summertime Red Wines

1. Try a dry, chilled rose. Today’s rose are not our parents’ Lancers Rose.

2. Chill down red wines to 65 degrees. Unless you have a temperature controlled wine cellar, our homes are warmer in the summer so even red wines might need to be chilled a bit before serving.

3. Think about your spices or cooking methods when pairing a red wine this summer.

4. If you are eating lighter, choose cheeses, fruits, and red wines.

5. Red wine and grilling are a perfect pairing. Summer brings the grills out, red wines should be served too.

To learn more, read From Vineyard to Table blog (in the archive),
June 2015.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


July 22 to 29, 2015: 5 Tips for Grilling Vegetables

1. Know your vegetables. The denser the vegetable the more grilling time needed.

2. Oil and season your vegetables generously prior to grilling.

3. Try a marinade or glaze. Vegetables are sponges for flavor. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and of course wine make great marinades for vegetables. Remember, if the marinade has sugar content like balsamic vinegar, it will burn more quickly.

4. Prep properly. You don’t want to dice your onions if you need to lay them on the grill. There are great vegetable grilling tools available (e.g. grill baskets, skewers).

5. Don’t over-grill. There is nothing good about a scorched or mushy zucchini or grilled tomatoes that become juice on the plate.

To learn more, read From Vineyard to Table blog (in the archive), August 1, 2014.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


July 15 to 22, 2015:4 Tips for Building Wine Scent Memory

1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Like everything, if you don’t use it you lose it. There are certain scents that are detected in wine varietals. If you can detect those scents and flavors, then you are better able to determine how the winemaker made changes to the wine.

2. Let the wine roll back to your nasal cavity to detect the full array of wine nuances.

3. When describing, think first about the wine aroma’s intensity and then describe the wine’s aroma after the second sip.

4. Don’t judge the wine’s flavors if you have a head cold. Try it again when your olfactory senses are in good working form.

To learn more, read From Vineyard to Table blog, “The Nose Knows!”, July 2015.
  Wine Tip Wednesday



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