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LDV Winery’s award-winning wines are a direct reflection of the unique high altitude terroir in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills in southeastern Arizona. Our monthly blog From Vineyard to Table shares how we celebrate the spirit of place through LDV’s sustainable practices, entertaining approach, food & wine pairings (including original recipes), and winemaking techniques. Wine Tip Wednesday provides you with easy to apply tips to expand your wine and food enjoyment that we have been employing for years. Share your wine tips with us!

February 24 to March 02: Wine Sediment

Why do some wines have what appears to be dirt or crystals? It is completely normal to have sediment in both red and white wines.

There are several reasons for sediment to occur in the bottle. In a high-tannic Petite Sirah like the ones produced at LDV Winery, the tannins, provide the wine’s backbone or structure. These tannins can link together to form dense proteins that will sink to the bottom or cling to the sides of the bottle.

Sediment can also occur as the wine matures. At LDV Winery, we do not fine or filter many of our wines. Fining is adding a substance to the wine that attracts suspended particles and filtering removes particulates.

Instead of these typical processes, we use a gentler, more natural approach (though very time consuming) called racking.
  LDV Winery

Every 45 days during the aging process we remove the wine from the barrels, clean the barrels of the sediment that has naturally settled, and put the wine back to continue the aging process. However, some sediment may remain. So to ensure it doesn’t end up in your glass, pour the wines gently, don’t “dump” the bottle out, or decant wines that might contain sediment and enjoy.


February 17 to February 24: Exercise Your Nose

The nose is one of the most powerful organs in the human body. A keen sense of smell can detect the nuances of wines that help to expand the pleasure of enjoying a great bottle of wine. Without your nose, you don’t really taste much.

Unfortunately, the human olfactory powers degrade as we age and disconnect from the cognitive parts of the brain. However, unlike other diminishing powers associated with aging that cannot be turned back, we can help train our brains to discern differences in scents.

So just like going to the gym, crack that bottle of wine and get to work to fight the impacts of old age!
  Wine Tip Wednesday


February 10 to February 17: Wine Sensuality

What makes wine sensual? Aroma, mouth feel, how it lingers, and the fact that it can spark a memory long after it has been experienced. Enjoying wine, like only a few other activities, can bring that warm glow and smile as the experience is remembered. Sensuality is that powerful.

From that first kiss, everyone recognizes the sensuality of the mouth. No other beverage or food feels like wine in your mouth. From the lively acidity dancing on your tongue as you sip a dry Riesling to the velvety pillows on the finish of a great Petite Sirah, let the sensual feel of wine expand your enjoyment.

Explore the sensuality of wine.
  Wine Tip Wednesday


February 03 to February 10: Wine & Girl Scout Cookies – Who Knew!

It is Girl Scout cookie time and what better way to eat cookies then with adult beverages. We have suffered through a lot of cookie eating to develop our top four LDV Winery wine pairings.

  • Savannah Smiles with 2013 Sky Island Viognier: The lemony and sugar notes pair well with the Viognier’s citrus and acidity.

  • Samoas with 2012 Grenache: The LDV Grenache has chocolate and port-like characteristics that pair well with the coconut, chocolate, and caramel of the cookies.

  • Thin Mintswith 2012 Petite Sirah: The chocolate and mint of the cookies pairs well with the chocolate and coffee finish of the Petite Sirah.

  • Tagalongs with the 2012 “The Signature” Petite Sirah: The richness of the chocolate and roasted nuts pair well with the toasty oak, dark fruit, and tannins The Signature Petite Sirah.
  LDV Winery

Stop in all of February 2016 to try these special pairings at the LDV Wine Gallery in downtown Scottsdale.
Or experiment on your own and let us know.


January 27 to February 03: Answers about Alcohol Content

There has been a lot of talk lately about the high alcohol content in wines and inferring that they are inferior as a result.

Alcohol levels do not determine the quality of the wine. But how that alcohol is expressed in the wine is what is important. If you slept through chemistry, here is a quick tutorial. In wine production, yeasts convert the natural grape sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. So if the wine grapes were high in sugar when harvested, the alcohol level may be higher if the grapes are fermented dry.

The grape varietal can also impact the amount of sugar levels. The art of winemaking is managing that balance of alcohol as the wine ages in the barrels.

LDV Winery is growing high altitude, warm climate Rhone varietal grapes which in our opinion requires longer barrel aging to soften the tannins, manage the alcohol, and achieve a well-balanced wine.
  LDV Winery

All U.S. wine labels must have the percentage of alcohol per volume shown prominently. However, that percentage can legally vary by up to .5% higher or lower. Alcohol content tells you very little about the wine inside although a very low alcohol content generally indicates sweeter wine while a high content generally indicates very ripe grapes.


January 20 to January 27: Difficult Pairings Made Easy

We all get difficult wine and food pairings. Beets are one of those great vegetables that can be different to pair wine with well. We love beets and while the earthiness goes great with some wines, the sweetness poses problems with dry wines.

The solution? Find some balance. We recently encountered a beautiful plate of baby beets that was to be paired with our R.E.D. Rhone Blend.

The savior? A Point Reyes Blue Cheese stuffed Bosque pear that provided the acidity and tartness to offset the beet’s sweetness to make the wine sing. The blue cheese was a true plate savor!
  LDV Winery


January 13 to January 20: Wine with Breakfast?

Wine with breakfast? Sure, why not! There are times when on vacation or sleeping late on a lazy Sunday morning that a glass of wine with your breakfast sounds wonderful.

Here are some tips for that perfect breakfast wine pairing. Eggs are difficult to pair with wine. Sparkling wines, particularly a brut, is our go-to wine. But if you would like something different try a Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc that is unoaked. You want to stay away from anything with high tannins or oak.

A vegetable strata like the one at this link would be great with a refreshing, medium-bodied, peppery wine like unoaked Grenache. It pairs well with the vegetables.
  Wine Tip Wednesday

If your breakfast choice leans toward French toast or pancakes, choose a wine that can pair well with the vanilla and cinnamon flavors. Perhaps a demi-sec (sweet) sparkling wine. A German Riesling if you are having a lemon-ricotta pancake or an oaky Pinot Noir with the French toast would also be tasty. Remember - breakfast or brunch is not just for Bloody Mary’s.


January 06 to January 13: To Dump or Not to Dump

My wine smells like wet cardboard, a rain-soaked newspaper, or my dog after it ran to the curb to pick up that rain-soaked newspaper. Is my wine corked? Probably.

Cork taint is a chemical compound that can be found in a cork or other damp surfaces such as a barrel. If you have a corked bottle of wine, dump it or ask for a replacement at a restaurant.

Another issue to consider is wine oxidization that can occur when the wine is exposed to too much air during the winemaking process or through a faulty cork. White wine might smell like spoiled butterscotch or a bouillon cube and vomit in red wines. Also, a brownish/orange hue might appear. If the wine is heavily oxidized, dump it. But if there is just a hint, take a sip, and if you like it drink it. Oxidation does not hurt you and some people actually enjoy it. Bad bottles of wine are rare.
  LDV Winery



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