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Sustainable Practices

Our belief is that great wine starts in the soil in our vineyard.
At LDV Winery we are committed to ensuring that the quality of the terroir – soil, air, water, and overall environment – is protected and maintained.

Evidence of inhabitants in Cochise County where our
vineyards are located date back to 9000-6000 BC. Each
summer when the monsoon rains come to southeastern
Arizona squash plants emerge as a reminder of these
early days.

We feel blessed to live in this special place and are taking
steps to ensure it is sustainable for future generations.
Sustainable Practices

Our sustainability philosophy at LDV Winery is to take a careful, responsible approach
to vineyard management.

Sustainable farming practices include the following:

Understanding Overall Ecosystem

LDV Overall Ecosystem Before planting, a thorough soils and water analysis is
completed to help guide the overall sustainable vision for
LDV Winery.

By understanding the soil composition throughout the
property, invaluable information about water holding
capacity and nutrients is attained. Knowing this information
assists in making decisions about irrigation and fertilization.

Soil Erosion Management

Through careful vineyard design, erosion control is addressed. Understanding water flow through the vineyard
is critical. Erosion depletes the soil resources and can also impact both water and air quality. Our goal is to minimize
soil erosion.

Some of the techniques used include growing cover crops, straw mulching and spreading the material, aerating the vineyard rows, and managing drip irrigation effectively.
LDV Soil Erosion Management

Proper Rootstock

LDV Proper Rootstock
Selecting the proper rootstock that is tailored to our location assists in ensuring the health of the vine as well as our ability to manage the vineyard effectively.

Drip Irrigation

LDV Winery’ uses a drip irrigation system that allows us complete control over how much water is given to each vine. Our system allows us to change the settings depending on the needs of different portions of the property.

This allows the efficient management of our precious water resource. Additional opportunities for water harvesting to support landscaping throughout the estate is also used.
LDV Drip Irrigation

Canopy Management

LDV Canopy Management Throughout the growing season and up until harvest, we carefully hand-train (i.e., painstakingly tucking each shoot between the trellising wires) the vines to ensure a good canopy is created to protect the grape clusters from the intense Arizona mountain sun. Controlling the vine’s canopy also encourages concentrated fruit flavors that we desire in our wines. But additionally, careful canopy management also supports our water conservation strategy.


We strive to use organic mulch and fertilizers that help to maintain soil health and support vine growth.
LDV Composting

Natural Pest Control

LDV Natural Pest Control At LDV Winery we encourage birds of prey to nest along Ash Creek and in the vineyard. These birds of prey assist in keeping our rodent and gopher population down.

Additionally, instead of netting the vineyard to keep the birds from eating the
ripened fruit, we have installed a bird of prey speaker that effectively keeps birds
out of the vineyard. At times the outside rows require netting to keep the birds
from eating the fruit.


We use 100% biodegradable new cardboard packing materials for shipments instead of Styrofoam. We recycle all glass bottles, aluminum, paper, and plastic used at the winery, tasting room, and at our home.

At LDV Winery we are creatively using or re-using as many of the materials found on the property (i.e., rocks, boulders, and sand used in walls and structures and paving) to older barrels being used for tables or recycled.
LDV Recycling
We chose to use natural corks instead of non-recyclable screw-tops or synthetic corks because cork is a renewable resource. And it is used in many of the art projects around the winery.

Weather Station

LDV Weather Station Our weather station is installed in the vineyard allowing us to monitor area weather conditions. This allows the vineyard manager to implement strategies such as water conservation measures to address changes. The weather station also tracks weather conditions over time providing us an historical record that will assist in future vineyard management. At LDV Winery, we take our responsibility to our family, friends, neighbors, land, and future generations very seriously.

We are very fortunate to be able to live in this special place in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains along Ash Creek in one of the few Sky Island regions in the world. We owe it to our customers to not only produce a quality wine, but to maintain the natural beauty and resources of this incredible place we call home.

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