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Our Story
Epernay aka: "Eppy"

Our Story - Epernay
Though I am little, I don’t realize it. I love to chase birds, bunnies, and toads. I even ate a toad and caught a mouse.
I am very proud of my hunting skills.

My jobs include getting the newspaper and barking when
I see a scorpion in the house. I snore real  loud and wag
my tail in my sleep.

I love being a winery dog. I greet everyone that comes to
LDV Winery.

My peeps think I do it better than any greeter they have
ever seen at Wal-Mart.

I think it is because I give lots of kisses, which I guess is
not politically correct in the big people world but I get by
with it on my good looks.

My daddy spills wine on the floor sometimes and I like to
lick it up – I am down with the whole program.

My daddy makes really good wine!
Our Story - Epernay

Our Story - Epernay I am a very international dog. Like my mom’s mom’s
ancestors, I was born in Waterford, Ireland and immigrated
to the U.S. with my little sister when I was a wee little pup.

It was a long trip but we cuddled together all the way to our
new home in Arizona. I was named Linda Love by my birth
parents and my adopted parents thought it wasn’t regal
enough and named me after their favorite place in the old
world: Epernay, France.

They tell me it is the home of Dom Perignon and Moet
Chandon Champagne.

I think they gave me this name because I have such a bubbly personality. I was born on July 18, 2005 and they
celebrate with the bubbly every year. One of these days they are going to give me a taste of that bubbly stuff,
but for now, no table scraps.

Come visit me at LDV Winery. It is a fun place and I would love for you to bring your furry family
members along with you if they are friendly. I will show them around to all my favorite hunting spots.

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