So Thankful!

Nov 11th, 2017
November seems to be the time for us to step back and take stock. We have a lot to be thankful for at LDV Winery. Since our blog concept is about the Spirit of Place or Genius Loci which we define as our “connections to our place, things, and people”we thought it appropriate to identify those things we are thankful for around this theme. Here are our top 10 from the past year in no order. 

1. Fantastic harvest! Over 60 tons of grapes came off our 13-acre vineyard. We never saw that one coming after a hot growing season and dropping so much fruit early. 

2. Three years at the Wine Gallery this month. We have made so many new friends and changed a lot of people’s perception of Arizona wine. 

3. Our fast expanding Sky Island Wine Club. LDV’s wine club members are the best. They are dedicated to LDV Winery, drinking great wine, and having fun. 

4. LDV staff, family members, Crush Pad Junkies, and volunteers are unbelievable. When we put out the call for help, the response is heartwarming. 

5. Our vineyard in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills continues to amaze us and tug on our souls. It is a magical place to visit and it is producing incredible grapes. 

6. After over 25 years, we can close our consulting firm Partners for Strategic Action, Inc. (PSA) and devote full-time to LDV Winery. We have been a part of some of the most exciting projects in the Southwest and met life-long friends during our PSA run. 

7. Epernay (Eppy), our winery dog is our constant companion and provides us enjoyment daily. She is getting older and has health issues, so we are thankful for every day we have with her. 

8. Our health. As we both turn 60 next year, our health is still good even with the stress and daily abuses. 

9. Optimism abounds. Even with all the crazy world events and politics, we are surrounded by successful people doing extraordinary things, we continue to grow our businesses regardless, and try to stay positive that good will prevail. 

10. LDV Winery orchard and rose garden. Curt’s mom was a prolific gardener. Every time we pick roses or fruit we think of her and the impact our parents have had on our lives. 

Roses blooming at the LDV Vineyard

These are just some of the things that make our life truly rich and rewarding. What’s on your list?