Vibe Wine Pairing

Apr 24th, 2021
Our new neighbor adjacent to the Old Town Scottsdale LDV Tasting Room is STK Steakhouse whose marketing hook is “vibe dining.” The term resonated because daily we are asked what is our favorite wine? The response is? It depends. It depends on what we are doing and who is joining us just as much as what we are eating. The right wine can complement and elevate the vibe of any gathering. From an early dinner with clients to celebrating an anniversary, the wine plays an important role. Depending on the occasion, a different energy or vibe is created, and the right wine should be paired to the event as well as to complement the food served.

Next time a restaurant sommelier asks you what wine you would like to order, start with telling them why you are at the restaurant. We are celebrating signing a new multi-year contract or your father’s 90th birthday or college girlfriend’s night. Each of these occasions have a different vibe and a different wine should be paired to accentuate the vibe. Apply this vibe wine pairing approach when you are curating a get-together at home. Creating the right event vibe includes music, location, set-up, table setting, and of course, the wine.