Hosting Game Day Parties: 3 Tips

Jan 29th, 2020
Major golf tournaments, Stanley Cup Play-off Games, College Football, or the “Big Game” are all good reasons to invite friends over for a party. However, these events don’t have to be over the top or extravagant; just fun for everyone. For nearly two decades, I have hosted the “Big Game” parties and they are always a blast for my guests and me. Here are my three tips to hosting a game-day party.

Tip #1: (Pass this tip on to someone else and you focus on Tips #2 and/or #3 below.) Assign a non-sports fan to monitor the game scoreboard and run the sports pool. There are lots of folks that don’t really care about the game that get dragged along to watch. Find them and assign them to keeping track of the pool scoreboard. Let them announce whose quarter score is about to win. It makes them feel a part of the excitement.

Tip #2: Have interactive food. For example, “make your own pizzas” is very interactive. When someone is hungry, I roll out the dough (that I made ahead or purchased at my local pizza joint) and present it on a pizza paddle. They add desired toppings and off it goes into the pizza oven which is in our backyard. But it can go into the oven on a pizza stone just as easily. One year we (me and the gals who couldn’t give a darn about the game) made giant pretzels. I also have done frost your own cupcakes with all the kids, made-to-order chicken wings at the outside wok with different wing sauces, and individual Panini sandwiches. Interactive food gives me something to do during the entire game and allows me to interact with my guests.

Tip #3: Beer is not the only thing that goes with the big game. If you don’t want to do the interactive food idea, make the party a potluck and have all your guests bring food. Then you create a signature drink that you make. Preparing drinks gives you a purpose and allows you to gab with everyone throughout the game. I love making fresh margaritas, wine spritzers with fruit, or mojitos. Or set up your own Bloody Mary bar.

Whatever you do find a way to enjoy the party even if you don’t watch the game. Or this year, stop by the LDV Winery Tasting Room and drink great wine all afternoon on the patio and get to the party just before half time. Last tip – it is important to watch the commercials and know the final score or who won. This will allow you to make comments at work the next day or on social media and people will think you were glued to the TV.

Try one of my favorite game day recipes – Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers. HERE.