20 Wine Resolutions for 2020

Dec 31st, 2019
  1. Invest in a good set of universal wine glasses. They don’t have to be expensive but there are some basics such as a thin rim and nice bowl to enjoy the aromas.
  2. When out, order more bottles than wine by the glass. Wine always taste better by the bottle because as soon as the wine meets oxygen it begins to deteriorate. There are 5 glasses to a bottle and if you do not finish the bottle you can cork it to enjoy at home. 
  3. Drinking water is the second most important part of drinking wine. Stay hydrated.
  4. Buy quality more than quantity. That does not always mean more expensive. If you care about what you eat, then you should care about what you drink. There is a difference.
  5. Related to #4, know your winemaker and how your wine is produced, and grapes are grown.
  6. Try wines from new wine varietals or under-appreciated wine grapes (e.g. Petite Sirah, Viognier). Try a new wine grape per month during 2020.
  7. Related to #6, try a wine from an up and coming wine region (e.g. South Africa, Sicily, Arizona).
  8. Drink red wine year-round. There are some great light red wines that are perfect for a hot summer day or a crisp white on a cold winter afternoon sitting in front of the fireplace.
  9. Break the rules and try unusual wine and food pairings; big, bold red wines with seafood (e.g. Syrah with Spicy Shrimp).
  10. Visit local wineries and learn how the local terroir or environment impacts the wine from the region.
  11. Don’t wait for that special occasion to drink great wine. The most expensive wine is the one that goes bad when you are waiting for that special occasion.
  12. Store your wine properly. Invest in a good wine refrigerator. Get rid of any wine racks in your kitchen and resolve never to store wine there again.
  13. Travel for wine and visit a new wine region. 
  14. Move outside your comfort zone. It is OK to have a “go-to” wine but try new ones too. Banish the term, “I only like (fill in the blank here).”
  15. Don’t relegate sparkling wine or champagne for holidays or celebrations only. Sparkling wines are great paired with a variety of food.
  16. Host a wine focused party or tasting with friends. This could be a fun wine and cheese pairing party or a blind wine tasting where everyone guesses the grape varietal and region.
  17. Expand your wine knowledge and terms to describe wines.
  18. Join a wine club of your favorite winery or wine shop. There are also online wine clubs.
  19. Enjoy a vertical of one type of wine from the same winemaker but three different vintages so you can discover how the growing season impacts the wine’s flavor. 
  20. Develop a deeper appreciation of the art, science, and passion of hand-crafted grape growing and winemaking while having fun.