Vintage Hint, Ribs, & Dad

Jun 4th, 2019
Days are getting longer, graduations held, and the vineyard looks spectacular. June has always meant so many things to us. Now that we are grape growers, June brings our first peak at what the current vintage might produce. We can now determine the cluster size and number of clusters per plant that indicate potential harvest size if all goes well. Winery activity increases as we tune up equipment and order barrels in preparation for the harvest that usually starts in August.

Though we grill outdoors year-round in Arizona, most of the country starts to think about pulling out the barbeque. Nothing announces the start of summer to us than 100-degree days, taking the first dip in the swimming pool, and making baby back ribs on our mesquite smoker. Slow cooking ribs with their tantalizing aromas wafting through the June air mixing with the sweet aroma of a cool Viognier is almost unbearable.

June also brings so many memories of our dads who have been gone for some time now. It is funny the things you miss most. For me, it is my dad’s hands, his one-liners that make you spit milk because they catch you off guard, and his love of Curt’s ribs. Or its Curt’s dad’s ability to pull you into deep conversations on almost any topic and his lack of skill grilling steaks. There was always a lingering smell of lighter fluid. Maybe that is why Curt is a master griller.

This month light the grill, try Curt’s famous baby back ribs, and think of your dad or that special man in your childhood that made a tremendous impact. If he is a wine lover, LDV Winery has two great gift boxes to show how much you care this Father’s Day June 16. Call us 480.664.4822 to order.

Get Curt’s famous Mesquite Smoked Baby Back Ribs Recipe HERE.