Genius Loci (Spirit of Place)

Feb 1st, 2017
LDV Winery has been publishing a monthly blog for five years on a variety of topics related to Genius Loci or Spirit of Place. This is a concept that is very important to what we do at LDV Winery and is a concept that has guided the major decisions in our lives. It is why we chose Arizona to make our home, why we built a successful community planning firm, and now as vintners transforming grapes to fine wines in the ChiricahuaMountains of southeastern Arizona.
Creating a strong sense of place and connection with people and places is what makes life truly rich. The LDV Winery blog is our way to share how we celebrate the spirit of place through our sustainable philosophy, entertaining approach, food and wine pairings (providing you with original recipes), and winemaking techniques in hopes that you find every opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the connections in your life. 
Winter is a unique time to experience this connection in the vineyard. The vines are dormant and stripped of their obvious beauty. However, it is our time to ensure that their health and strength is sustained for future vintages.

Curt Dunham pruning vines at LDV Vineyard

This is done through our careful hand pruning of each vine. As Charlotte McCluskey, travel blogger described, “This is the season when winemaker Curt Dunham transitions from winemaker to ‘vine whisperer,’ shaping the structure of the 2017 harvest with this winter’s snips and tweaks.” Curt’s connection to each vine, carefully implementing a pruning technique for each varietal provides a bond that carries through the winemaking process. It is that intangible quality that is evident when you open that bottle of LDV wine.
LDV is dedicated to the most advanced and sustainable farming practices that result in the highest quality fruit. Our winemaking philosophy is to respect the fruit when it is harvested when it reaches our winery by not over-processing or introducing additives. LDV wines are terroir-driven, reflecting our special place of rich volcanic soil, mountain weather, and pure water.