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Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Notebook 2008

Thanksgiving 2008
The leaves on the vines are turning beautiful colors. We had our now annual Thanksgiving feast at the vineyard.

We have had a long and warm fall so the growing season was very long. This should set us up for a good harvest
hopefully. We purchased a ton of Grenache and a ton of Syrah grapes from Keeling Schaefer.

Vines have grown a lot. We received almost nine inches of rain in July. The vines love the weather. We have not
lost a vine yet. Rod Keeling, Keeling Schaefer Vineyards, is amazed by how well the field looks. There have been
no setbacks thus far. Weather is beautiful today – 66° in the morning.

Second training of the vines was completed. Some of the vines have reached the second vine. We will probably be
training them to grow up soon. It is quite amazing.

Vines are receiving their first training. This is important because it establishes its structure. It will take several days
to complete the training. 1,800 vines are a lot of vines to train. We held the first of many July 4th barbeques at the
vineyard with friends from the Valley and vineyard neighbors.

It is amazing that the grapevines are showing and sprouting green after such a short time. Up until May 1st
we water for four hours per day. Starting May 1st we are watering four hours every other day.
The vines are doing really well.

Second day of planting! Neighbors Cindy and Rick Ashby stopped by to help in the field. Rick brought us all
breakfast which was wonderful. Rod Keeling and Jan Schaefer from Keeling Schaefer (three miles down the road)
also came by to pitch in. We finished planting about 12:30 PM and we had a barbeque for everyone on the
crush pad. We walked around our new vineyard tonight and made the following observations:
  • Two acres is a lot larger than we thought.
  • There are a lot of steps to the planting process.
  • Tony our vineyard foreman is fanatical about doing everything right.
  • We have great neighbors that rolled up their sleeves and pitched in.
  • There are a lot of rocks still in the vineyard that need to be picked up.
  • The methods we are using are innovative for Arizona and we think it will pay off in the long run.
Upcoming week Rod Keeling is going to figure out the irrigation watering schedule. It will have to be turned on
and off manually until the correct timing is determined. The crews should finish the fencing this week also.

FIRST PLANTING – It is the first day of our first planting at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. We had a crew of eight,
Peggy, Jan and Steve Kanaba (our friends from the Valley) and me planting. Our foreman Tony is meticulous
about the vineyard and the planting process.

The irrigation system was finished today (just in time!).

Grapevines arrived and they were cold soaked in buckets of water and B-22 to stimulate the roots for planting.
Peggy received her Christmas present from me – a John Deere Gator. What a guy I am! It will come in handy
for the planting.

Still looks like a lot still needs to be done before planting can begin. The end row posts along the road are done
and the field infrastructure looks great.

A lot still needs to be done before mid-April planting is to begin. We cut the sewer line between the house
and winery building today. Oh boy is that fun.

The new water tank has delivered and will be installed soon. It will be used to irrigate the vineyard. The main
trellis posts are installed. Basically all two acres of vineyard rows are outlined. The six foot deer fence around
the 20-acres of property (we have a total of 40 acres) that will grow grapes is almost complete. I woke to
snowy morning and Eppy chased a rabbit across the vineyard.

The property is totally cleared of trees and shrubs. It looks very different than when we purchased the property.
The gate is moved and the new road completed. It is starting to look like a future vineyard. They have begun
disking the property and adding the soil amendments.

An exciting year planned for Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. The property has been ours for several months and
we have completed a master plan for the vineyards. Today they will begin clearing the vineyard areas of the trees
and shrubs. We are having the entire acreage cleared all at once since the cost of the huge equipment needed
is a lot. It will probably take three days to clear.

We tagged a few trees along the road to keep. We will begin ripping (meaning removing big rocks and tilling the land)
the two acres at the front of the property. We will also be relocating the road into the property along the power lines
to make it a straighter entry; which also means moving the entry gate. We purchased the steel for the trellising system and other equipment for the first two acres of vines. Order the irrigation and a new water tank will be
going in to help with water pressure issues in the field.

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