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Radio Interviews podcast number 296 October 7, 2017 TRT: 33:21 min
Featuring: Peggy Fiandaca on Arizona Wines and Grapes.

KFYI Radio, "In the Kitchen with Jan D'Atri" August 8, 2015 TRT: 1 hour 28:43 min
Featuring: LDV Winery - Curt Dunham, and Dr. E!

MyAZNow May 27, 2015 TRT: 45:46 min
On this edition of Stay True Radio, host Pavle Milic invites Curt Dunham into the MyAZNow Radio Studios.
Tune in to hear about their story in Arizona winemaking.

Restaurant Live May 22, 2015 TRT: 29:15 min
Featuring interview with Curt Dunham & Peggy Fiandaca

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, "Chamber Chat" May 1, 2015 TRT: 10:50 min
Featuring interview with Curt Dunham

KFYI Radio, "In the Kitchen with Jan D'Atri" May 2, 2015 TRT: 15:02 min
Featuring: 5-2 Thirty-Two Shea, Lawrence Dunham Vineyards, The Pink Pony

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, "Chamber Chat" February 6, 2015 TRT: 8:43 min
Featuring interview with Peggy Fiandaca

Winemaker Cruise down the Rhine River with LDV & Pillsbury Wine Company November 9 - 16, 2014
LDV Europe River Cruise, November 2014
(8) Radio Podcast-Interviews, January, 2015

Full Show: Vintner Curt Dunham, AmaWaterways Wine River Cruise Host, Cruise Experience & Wine Making

Curt Dunham, AmaWaterways Vintner Wine River Cruise Host on Growing Wine in Arizona, Fast Start

AmaWaterways Rhine Wine River Cruising with Curt Dunham, Arizona Winemaker & Wine Cruise Host

Arizona & European Wine Workshops with Vintner Curt Dunham on AmaWaterways Wine River on Rhine River

Master Winemaker on AmaWaterways Wine Cruise Joys of Wine, How to Enjoy All Kinds & with Food

Origins of Curt Dunham's Wine Expertise & Winery so He Could be AmaWaterways Wine River Cruise Host

Wonder of 1st Cruise as River Cruise on Rhine with AmaWaterways & Curt Dunham, Wine Cruise Host

Creating Wine Cellar Full of Memories, Wine Collecting a Joy for Curt Dunham Beyond Wine Itself

Arizona wine industry committed to water conservation March 20, 2014

Growing wineries putting rural Arizona to work January 27, 2014 TRT: 14:13 min

On The Wine Road - Az Wine Growers January 7, 2014 TRT: 8:47 min

"On the Menu - Live" KJLL Tucson, with Peggy Fiancaca
September 29, 2011 TRT: 8:15 min

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