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Vineyard Growth
Curt in the Dirt
Winery Update
Wine Pairing
Upcoming Events
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Vineyard Growth = Economic Growth

LDV Winery
Springtime brings new vineyard growth, the anticipation for a fantastic grape growing season, and the excitement of our new wine releases. Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ first wines have been on the market for over a year and we are thrilled with how well they are being received.
LDV Winery
New grape buds reaching to the sky
The feedback has been extremely positive and we are thrilled with our wine sales. We sold out of our 2008 Syrah 60 days after release and our 2009 wines are almost gone.
Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ growth is occurring simultaneously as Arizona is experiencing interest and growth in the wine industry.

LDV Winery
Springtime at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards
We are excited about being a part of the strong buy local movement in Arizona and riding the momentum of the emerging wine industry.

To fill the growing demand for Arizona wine grapes, we are seeing an increase in acreage and production of these value-added, low water use crops. There are now over 60 bonded wineries in Arizona!
The media has also discovered the wine industry and we were thrilled to have had wonderful media coverage recently in The Arizona Republic and USA Today Online in March 2012. In the months to come, there will be articles in national media about us as well as the Arizona wine industry.
There are more wine related events than ever. The inaugural Southeast Arizona Wine Growers Festival in Elgin that we participated in surpassed attendance expectations.

Find us at the upcoming Willcox Wine Country Festival May 19-20 or come to the wine release parties and winemaker events we have planned.
LDV Winery
Bonnie Lee pouring at SE AZ Festival
Check our website about upcoming events and where to purchase at www.ldvwinery.com. Other websites to check are www.ArizonaWine.org and www.ArizonaVinesandWines.com for the most up-to-date listing of wine-related events statewide.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to your next visit to the vineyard or seeing you at an upcoming event, or hearing from you to place a wine order.

Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca

LDV Winery

From Vineyard to Table Blog

As you know we launched a new Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ website that is focused on education. Peggy also started a monthly blog to share how we celebrate the “Genius Loci” or spirit of place.

LDV Winery
A workman strips the bark from a cork tree in Portugal. Trees are stripped every nine to ten years.

The May blog, Nature’s Miracle and Our Choice - Cork is focused on Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ decision to choose natural cork for our wine.

We repurpose our corks in a variety of ways from Christmas tree ornaments to trivets. Let us know what you do to repurpose your corks. Email us a sentence on how you repurpose your wine corks and attach a photo with your email.

LDV Winery

Curt in the Dirt – The Vineyard Update

The remainder of the winter season did not provide any harsh weather conditions – ah but then the spring.

We pruned the vineyard in February and we had a scare right after bud break the first week in April. Temperature was down to 31 degrees but only for a short time. Most of the buds were not exposed yet so we had very little damage.
LDV Winery
Curt in the vineyard
April 14 was another story. We reached 30 degrees for several hours and had some freeze damage to parts of the vineyard. We are estimating about 10% crop damage. While we never want to have these types of events, it sure could have been worse.

LDV Winery
Minor frost damage of vines and grape buds
We sprayed the vineyard with potassium a couple of days before the anticipated cold weather to help fortify the buds against freezing. The plants typically have a potassium deficiency early in the growing season and we try to help them along. We’ll probably never know the level of impact this had but it feels good to do something proactive instead of being at the total mercy of the weather!
We are hoping that the rest of April and early May will cooperate and be warm and sunny. We would also like to bid adieu to La Nina as we have had freeze damage each year we have been in operation.

In the midst of monitoring all of the weather activity, our well pump gave out and needed to be replaced. We were out of commission for three days. While you never want to spend a bunch of money, it may have been a blessing. First, it didn’t happen in June or July where just being without water for a few days can have negative impacts. We also had not planted our baby grapes yet (which need watering often upon planting). We also discovered that our new well pump has almost doubled our gallons per minute capacity which may allow us to forego installation of a new well to service the rest of the vineyard yet to be planted. I’d like to thank Flanders Contracting for coming to the rescue so quickly and getting our irrigation system back on line with minimal interruption! We would never make it without our good friends and reliable and professional service providers.

The established plants are budded and leafed out and the vineyard looks beautiful with the vibrant greens of spring. The new vineyard site is ready to go for planting. As you read this, we should be finishing up.

LDV Winery

Winery Update

We are in the home stretch of finishing our 2010 reds and our 2011 Viognier –
our first white wine to be released!

Each vintage provides us with new gifts and opportunities and it is up to the winemaker to bring out the very best that the year had to offer!
LDV Winery
Chiricahua Circle members wine tasting panel
After months of sampling and experimenting and dozens of people participating in tasting panels (including attendees at our Grape to Glass Symposium last August) I have finalized our menu of new bottlings to be released over the coming months.

LDV Winery
First LDV wine releases heading
into the sunset

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards will continue to emphasize its strong commitment to varietal wines by offering two Grenache and two Petite Sirah bottlings.

We will once again be producing an un-oaked 2010 Sky Island Grenache and a 2010 Grenache aged in new French oak. We will also be offering a 2010 Petite Sirah along with a special bottling of Petite that contains 100% of what we believe will be the signature grape of our vineyard and the Chiricahua Mountains. Cleverly, we are calling it “The Signature" Petite Sirah 2010! We are really excited about these wines – I feel like a 6-year-old laying in bed on Christmas Eve!
Our 2011 wines continue to age next to the dwindling supply of our 2009 vintage. We still have plenty of 2009 wines left but if you are contemplating picking up some more, I would move quickly! We have several big events coming up and don’t want you to be left out of Lawrence Dunham Vineyard’s historic first vintage.

LDV Winery

Wine Pairing

Instead of deciding first what you are going to make for dinner and then trying to pair the right wine with it, change your approach. Choose the wine you want to drink and design a meal to a pair perfectly with that wine.

As Curt says, “You can change the spices or cooking techniques of the meal, but you cannot change the tannins or flavor profile of a wine.”

LDV Winery
Mustard Brown Sugar Glazed Grilled Salmon
on Cedar Plank (link to recipe)
That is exactly what we did recently for the taping of a television show that will air next month on Fine Wine and Design.com and Cox Arizona Channel 7 in Phoenix and Tucson. The producers wanted to showcase the two different styles of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ Grenache – Sky Island Grenache and 2009 Grenache. So Curt chose to make cedar plank grilled Salmon two ways. The right food pairing should bring out the nuances of the wine’s flavors while the wine should complement the food not compete. More information is available on our website: food and wine pairing and original recipes.

A perfect springtime meal in our opinion is salmon. Here are links to three of our favorites for salmon:
Herb Marinated Grilled Salmon on Cedar Plank
Mustard Brown Sugar Glazed Grilled Salmon on Cedar Plank
Poached Salmon
(two cedar planked grilled salmon recipes and a poached salmon recipes). Of course, decide to pull out a Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ Grenache and choose one of the cooking techniques. Bon Appetite!

LDV Winery

Upcoming Events

Prescott Art and Wine Festival
MAY 12 – 13, 2012 (Mother’s Day Weekend)

The Festival features 140+ juried Fine Art participants showcasing and selling their exquisite work under the shade of 170 large elm trees at the Historic Courthouse Plaza in Downtown Prescott.
LDV Winery
2011 Centennial Celebration, Prescott
LDV Winery In addition to the spectacular collectors artwork, the festival also presents a wine garden featuring a variety of Arizona Vineyards & Wineries. Though Lawrence Dunham Vineyards will not be in attendance, there will be other good Arizona wineries that will be pouring their wines. Enjoy! More information is available at this link.

LDV Winery

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ tasting room is by appointment only at this time and events are by invitation. So please join the mailing list at www.ldvwinery.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive specifics about upcoming parties and events.
Spring 2012
April Lawrence Dunham Vineyards bud break
May Lawrence Dunham Vineyards planting
Meet the winemaker dinner sponsored by FnB + Baratin
More info at this link
5/1 Arizona Wine Growers Association Spring Quarterly Meeting (Sonoita)
5/9 Fine Wine & Design episode featuring LDV airs Cox 7 Arizona www.finewineanddesign.com
5/12-5/13 Prescott Fine Art and Wine Festival (Old Firehouse Plaza, Prescott) www.arizonawine.org
5/19 – 5/20 Willcox Wine Country Festival (Willcox, AZ) - pdf document - Poster - www.willcoxwines.com
Join the fun. Click here for all Lawrence Dunham Vineyards' Upcoming Events. There is a lot going on throughout Arizona Wine Country so we hope you get out, explore and drink local wine. Email us at info@ldvwinery.com if you would like to visit us at the vineyard or arrange for a special event wine tasting and/or tour. Tasting room is by appointment only.

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