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Happy New Year
LDV Wins Awards
Curt in the Dirt
Winery Update
Wine Pairing
Upcoming Events
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Happy New Year from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

LDV Winery
We are very proud about how well our wines have been received during the first year of sales.

Winning our first awards for the 2009 wines was a thrill. And to have a judge select the 2009 Petite Sirah as their favorite was especially exciting.
LDV Winery
Festival at the Farm
2011 was quite challenging from a weather standpoint with record cold temperatures. Bees were a major nuisance this year also. We picked Viognier a weekly earlier than in 2010 and harvested the reds well into September. About 1.75 tons per acre was harvested in 2011.
Work is underway for planting another two acres of vines Twenty-five rows of infrastructure have been installed and approximately 2,000 new Petite Sirah vines ordered. It is our hope that Petite Sirah will continue to do well at LDV.
LDV Winery
More plantings underway at LDV
Our goal is to produce quality single varietal Petite Sirah wines instead of using it as a blending grape.

The soils and climate are perfect for producing wonderfully rich, deeply colored Petite Sirah. The Sky Island Petite Sirah and 2009 Petite Sirah are getting rave reviews from customers.
We have been very strategic in placing our wines in restaurants. You can find Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ wines at the Phoenix Public Market, Pizzeria Bianco, Quiessence, Sunglow Ranch, The Living Room, Sofrita’s and Grapeables. We will be placing our wines in a few more establishments over the next year. Let us know where you would like to see our wines featured.

This spring more trees will be planted in the orchard. A couple of cherry and almond trees have been ordered. These new trees join the apples and pears that were planted last year.

We are looking forward to another exciting year. Thank you for your support and continue to introduce us to your friends, neighbors, and family members so we can share our story and wines! Please visit us soon.

Best Regards,
Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca

LDV Winery

LDV Wines Won Wines of Distinction
The Arizona Republic newspaper conducts the annual wine competition to honor the best wines of the year. Over 100 different wines were submitted and judged in 2011. There were two major categories – wines made from Arizona-grown grapes and wines made from grapes grown outside of Arizona. Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ wines are made using only Arizona grapes grown near our vineyard. We hope to be an estate vineyard some day when we are producing enough of our own grapes. But until then, we will purchase grapes from the area if needed and when available.

Three wines were submitted and each received a “Wine of Distinction” award. Additionally, the Petite Sirah was selected by one of the judges as their favorite wine from all of the wines submitted. Following are descriptions of the wines that won awards.
LDV Winery 2009 Grenache was crafted to provide a flavorful and spicy, medium bodied wine perfect for a variety of foods and occasions. The Grenache grapes, sourced from our Chiricahua Mountain neighbor Rock Creek Vineyards, comprise 90% of the bottling with 50% of these grapes aged 11 months in new French oak. 10% Petite Sirah aged in neutral oak from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Estate round out the bottling. We believe the Grenache grape is going to produce very unique flavors and characteristics from our special place. 108 cases produced.
LDV Winery 2009 R.E.D. is a blend dedicated to the memory of the namesakes of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards: Betty Jane Lawrence Dunham (whose nickname was Red, as was Peggy’s mom) and Robert Ervin Dunham. This wine was aged for 16 months and is comprised of 58% Grenache and 20% Mourvedre aged in neutral barrels and 22% Petite Sirah aged in new French oak. R.E.D.is a medium-bodied wine crafted to pair well with a variety of foods and occasions. This wine was not fined or filtered – 124 cases produced.
LDV Winery 2009 Petite Sirah is our first release using all one type of grape – 100% Petite Sirah. It was aged for 16 months, half in new American oak barrels and half in neutral oak barrels. This full-bodied wine is a true reflection of the Petite Sirah varietal and can be enjoyed with hearty foods like stews, pizza, grilled meats and even chocolate. We are excited to share with you the first-ever Petite Sirah from the Chiricahua Mountains. This wine was not fined or filtered – 96 cases produced.
Though the LDV Syrah is sold out, there is still plenty of our 2009 wine releases. Purchase all of the LDV wines online at www.ldvwinery.com or call us at 602.320.1485 or email at info@ldvwinery.com.

LDV Winery

Curt in the Dirt – The Vineyard Update
Fall set in gradually unlike 2009 where it went from summer to winter in one night. In order to try to cut down on our winter kill of young plants, we have stuffed all of the plants that are young enough to still have grow tubes with a straw mixture to try to insulate the plants from extreme cold. This technique has been used elsewhere successfully so we are giving it a try. Cannot afford to keep replanting! We will be watching to see if we have any mold or mildew problems as a result of the straw getting/staying wet. All of the weeds from the vineyard have been removed and it looks good for the winter.

Vineyard expansion is underway. The basic infrastructure for 25 new rows has been completed. There should be plenty of room for our 2,000 new Petite Sirah plants. A bulldozer ripped the remaining property north of the creek and up by the house. A lot of rocks were cleared away. Next, the wires will be strung and the irrigation lines and drippers installed in preparation for planting. Additionally, 925 Grenache, 80 Petite Sirah, 300 Viognier, and 325 Sirah plants will be replanted this spring that were killed last February by below zero cold spell.
The creekside vineyard property was scraped and all of the vegetation and rocks removed. The land has been leveled so we can mow it when the weeds come back. It looks like a beautiful vineyard site if it works weather-wise.

We installed two remote/portable/wireless temperature and humidity weather stations to track temperatures in the creekside vineyard.

Since it is lower and adjacent to Ash Creek, we are concerned it might be too cold for the grapes to withstand cool weather/frosts after bud break.
LDV Winery
Creekside vineyard cleared
So far, temperatures have been about the same as the main station in the existing vineyard. The key data will be collected in March, April, and May. Hopefully we will be able to make the call whether this property is viable or not so we can make plans either way. Sure would be nice to have the space for a few thousand more plants down the road.

January has started off very mild and we hope it stays that way, but La Nina is still lurking! For more information about what is happening in the vineyard, Curt’s vineyard diary will be included on our new website. The diary chronicles every step of creating Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. All four years of it to date.

LDV Winery

Winery Update
LDV Winery
Curt moving wine to barrels (post-lignification process)

All of the 2011 red wines are now aging in the barrel and will probably remain there for the next year.

The 2011 Viognier is aging in a stainless steel tank and will probably be ready for bottling in the spring.

2010 wines are still barrel aging but we are starting to “wake them up” and doing some sampling.
Six different barrel types are being used for our Petite Sirah so we can begin to determine the flavor profiles that are matching up best with the grapes. After tasting all six different wines, the barrel selections were narrowed down to two types for aging the 2011 wines.

Racking will begin soon on all of the 2010 and 2011 wines (removing the clear juice from the solids that have settled on the bottom of the barrel) to continue clarifying or “cleaning up” the wines.

We hope to bottle the 2010 Petite Sirahs and Grenaches in the spring, with release this summer. We are not sure if we are going to produce any blends. The wines still have a lot of talking to do before we determine our final offerings.

LDV Winery

Wine Pairing
With Super Bowl right around the corner, people are looking for something new to serve at their Super Bowl party this year.

We suggest hosting a “Make Your Own Pizza” party. We do this quite often because it gives us an excuse to fire up our pizza oven in our backyard. But you don’t need a pizza oven to host a pizza party.
LDV Winery
Make your own pizza
Growing up Italian in the Chicago area, you are given pizza as soon as you can eat whole food. From that day forward, deep dish pizza is a weekly meal. Peggy’s mom (the red-headed Irish woman who married into the Fiandaca family) could make Italian food better than any Italians on Monroe Street in Chicago. Mom made deep dish pizzas in large rectangular pans and we loved it. My dad really loved her and her pizzas. The deep dish pizza recipe by James McNair’s cookbook called Pizza is better than any Peggy remembers from her days in Chicago.

However, if you don’t want to make your own pizza dough, you can purchase dough from your favorite pizza joint. Though it is not hard to make and a lot of fun. Besides the dough, the second most important ingredient is pizza sauce. Curt makes his own sauce but you can purchase one and doctor it up a bit to your taste.
LDV Winery
Chef Curt supervising pizza production
For a pizza party, we make all the possible ingredients that people might want to put on their pizza – pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, pineapple, onions, etc. We put the ingredients in small bowls so your guests can pick and choose how they want to make their pizza. After a brief lesson by Chef Curt, we put the pizza dough round on a cornmeal covered pizza paddle and turn it over to the first guest to add their ingredients.
Pizza-making rules are pretty simple – no sauce that is too close to the edges and not too many ingredients that you can’t get the dough off the paddle onto the stone. That is about it.

If you are cooking the pizzas in your oven ensure that you heat the pizza stone ahead of time so that it is hot. We cook the pizza in the oven at 475 degrees so you want to have your pizza stone heated ahead of time. We use Mesquite hard wood in the pizza oven and we heat the oven for several hours prior to the party beginning.

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ R.E.D. and both Petite Sirahs are wonderful with pizzas. So open a bottle, fire up the oven, and invite your friends to a pizza party. We are available for consulting as you prepare for the pizza party so give us a call.
Click here for the recipe

LDV Winery

Upcoming Events
An Affair to Remember: Wine & Chocolate Tasting

Curt Dunham will be a guest speaker at a special event to benefit The Highlands Center for Natural History, 1375 S. Walker Road, Prescott, AZ 86303 on Sunday February 12th from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Curt will be pouring and talking about the wines that will be specially paired with chocolates provided by Chocofin (www.chocofin.com). Pillsbury Wine Company (www.pillsburywine.com) will also be in attendance pouring their award-winning wines. Classical piano music will be provided by Tom Horne, Arizona State Attorney General.

It will truly be a simple, elegant, dressy affair – theme is black, white and red. RSVP early as seating is limited by calling 928-776-9550. Price is $50.00 per person to benefit The Highlands Center for Natural History (www.highlandscenter.org). A printable flyer is available at this link.

LDV Winery

Second Annual
Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner

Twenty people are invited to join us at our Fountain Hills home on Valentine’s Day for a multiple-course meal paired with LDV wines.

Peggy and Curt will prepare, serve, and share stories about each wine pairing.
LDV Winery
2011 Valentine's Day Winemaker Dinner
Guests will enjoy great food, wine, music, and conversation that will make this Valentine’s Day really memorable. Total cost per person (includes food, wine, and recipes) is $75.00.

Registration is required. Space is limited so make your reservations today by calling (602) 320-1485 or info@ldvwinery.com.
A printable flyer is available at this link.

LDV Winery

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards is developing a full year of events, both in the Valley and at the winery. Mark your calendars for the following events and keep checking the LDV website or follow us on Facebook for ongoing activities and wine releases.
Winter 2012  
1/13 – 1/15 Wings Over Willcox (see www.wingsoverwillcox.com)
and LDV tasting room open
1/26 Scottsdale Ranch LDV Wine Tasting
2/10 Arizona Wine Growers Association Winter Quarterly Meeting (Phoenix)
2/11-2/12 Arizona Centennial Celebration – Best Fest Wine Garden
(State Capitol, Phoenix) – LDV pouring wine
2/12 An Affair to Remember: Wine & Chocolate Tasting – LDV pouring wine (Prescott)
2/14 Valentine’s Day LDV Winemaker Dinner (Fountain Hills)
Call today to make reservations (602)320-1485 or email at info@ldvwinery.com
Spring 2012  
3/30-4/1 Tempe Festival of the Arts (Arizona Wine Garden)
4/14-4/15 Southeastern AZ Wine Growers Festival (Sonoita)
Late April LDV planting and bud break
5/2 Arizona Wine Growers Association Spring Quarterly Meeting (Sonoita)
5/12-5/13 Prescott Art and Wine Festival (Old Firehouse Plaza, Prescott)
5/19 – 5/20 Willcox Wine Country Festival (Railroad Park, Willcox)
Summer 2012  
July Veraison begins
8/7 Arizona Wine Growers Association Summer Quarterly Meeting
(Verde Valley)
8/25 LDV Grape to Glass Symposium (LDV Winery, Pearce)
Fall 2012  
10/6 Verde Valley Grape Stomp
(5K Race in Downtown Cottonwood)
10/20 Sonoita/Elgin Grape Stomp (5K Race in Sonoita)
10/20-10/21 Willcox Wine Country Festival (Railroad Park, Willcox)
10/27 Greater Willcox Area Grape Stomp
(5K Race, Coronado Vineyards)
11/3 Phoenix Area Grape Stomp
(5K Race & Wine Tasting, Fountain Hills)
11/16 Arizona Wine Growers Association Winter Quarterly Meeting (Phoenix)
11/16-11/17 Festival at The Farm (Phoenix)
11/30 -12/2 Tempe Festival of the Arts (Arizona Wine Garden, Tempe)
Join the fun. There is a lot going on throughout Arizona Wine Country so we hope you get out and explore. Drink local wine. Email us at info@ldvwinery.com if you would like to visit us at the vineyard or arrange for a wine tasting.

LDV Winery

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