Unexpected Wine Pairings
October 28th, 2016
The idea that you can only serve white wine with seafood and red wine rich with dishes is outdated. The most important thing to think about is to balance flavors when pairing wine with foods. Consider the wines aromas and flavors and balance it with the dish. For example, a grilled steak needs a wine that will not disappear under the richness of the protein. Food texture and cooking method also determines the wine selection. Poaching vs. grilling or sauce vs. dry rub must also be considered when choosing the wine.

 LDV Winery

As amateur cooks, we like to push the boundaries a bit to create wine and food pairings that are not considered typical. To celebrate the second anniversary in our tasting room in downtown Scottsdale, we are putting this theory to the test and pulling on our chef’s coats for the November Vineyard to Table Winemaker Dinner on Tuesday November 15. The theme is Bold Reds with Seafood. Who better to push the envelope with wine pairings than the winemakers.

Curt and Peggy are creating five courses of seafood prepared a variety of ways and pairing them with LDV Winery’s bold reds. A first course of Salmon Spring Rolls with Asian Slaw paired with our 100% estate Grenache aged for 33 months in neutral oak provides a perfect blend of spice. Organic roasted tomato arrabbiata sauce with seafood over fettuccini needs the spice of the Syrah to work with the acidity of the tomato while complimenting the seafood. More information about the menu and event at this link.

Go out on a limb to try new wine pairings. Remember to consider the entire plate including sauces and vegetables when pairing the wine. Think about how it will be cooked (i.e. grilled, sautéed, roasted). Lastly, pick the wine first and then pair your meal around the wine using the freshest ingredients. You cannot change the wine’s flavor but you can adjust the meal.

Space is limited to 20 guests for this extraordinary Vineyard to Table Winemaker Dinner so call for reservations (480)664.4822.