2016 Harvest Underway
September 1st, 2016
Peggy Fiandaca

Grapes are bursting with flavor and the air is filled with sweet nectar. The vineyard activity is buzzing like a swarm of bees protecting their Queen while the bee sting tally rises. As the mist burns off the vines and sunlight appears, the harvest has been underway for hours. The frantic activity continues well after dark as bin after bin overflowing with grapes begins its evolution to wine. There is nothing so exciting, exhausting, stressful, and crazy as bringing in the grape harvest and beginning the winemaking process.

 LDV Winery

Ensuring that equipment keeps working, skilled nimble hands do their magic, weather remains perfect, and the winemaker keeps his wits is the harvest dance that is performed from August to October. The greatest attribute required for survival is a strong sense of humor and a lot of laughter. Fall is a magical time at LDV Winery. Not only because of the grape harvest, but our orchard is full of fruit waiting to be picked. We have almonds, apples, cherries, and pears ready for canning, pies, jams, chutneys, and delectable culinary treats. The trick now is to take ownership of the crop from the birds of prey that have been guarding their cache. Our fall table will have an abundance of delights from the fruits of our labor. Paula Deen’s Perfect Pie Crust recipe (at this link) is so simple and quick. Stop by your favorite farmers’ market and select some fresh fruit to make one or two for your family. It will be a little harvest gift from your local farmers for your family to enjoy.