Great Grape Changes Are Coming!
July 1st, 2016
Peggy Fiandaca

The changing colors in our vineyard are another example of the impact terroir plays on the grape growing process. The French word terroir (tehr- wahr) is a term that describes the totality of the environment (soil, weather, elevation, water, etc.) that impact the vigor, vitality, and quality of the vineyard and ultimately the LDV wine.

It is the magical mother nature component of the viticulture process. How the grower and winemaker responds or expertly uses what is presented determines the ultimate quality of the end product. The human factor is a very important part of the terroir. We believe strongly that great wine begins in the vineyard and we are committed to ensuring that the LDV vineyard is healthy, sustainable, and operating in perfect harmony.

Veraison (ver-ay-shun) is another French term used to describe when the grapes begin to soften, change color from green to red, purple, or yellow, and begin the ripening process.

This begins normally 40-60 days after fruit set depending on the climate and location.

At LDV this typically occurs in late July to early August depending on the grape varietal and growing season conditions.
  LDV Winery

Prior to the onset of veraison, the grapes are hard and green with low sugar levels and high acidity, primarily malic acid. Beginning at veraison, sugar (sucrose) produced from photosynthesis is transported into the berry (broken down into glucose and fructose molecules).

The color change occurs as a result of the phenolic compounds in the grape skins replacing the green color of chlorophyll. During this ripening process, sugar levels rise and acidity lowers. Achieving the perfect balance is the individual decision of the grower or winemaker and determines when the grapes will be harvested.

This is a complicated way of saying the look of the vineyard will soon be changing from the vibrant greens of spring to the beautiful colors of our wines still on the vines. It is a great time to visit LDV Winery and Arizona Wine Country.