Pairing Wine with Ethnic Foods
May 1st, 2016
Peggy Fiandaca

A Taste of Persia is this month’s LDV Vineyard to Table Winemaker Dinner with brothers Jayson and Jaymes Khademi bringing the tantalizing Persian flavors to life.

Though drinking wine in Iran is currently illegal, it was one of the world birthplaces of wine and many of the vineyards go unattended.
  LDV Winery

In fact, many of the wine varietals we enjoy today have their origins in the desert of Persia. The city of Shiraz, about 900 miles from Tehran, was home to many of the earliest vineyards and produced wines from the very aromatic white wine grape called Shirazi.

Fresh green herbs with fruits such as plums, apricots, raisins, quince, and pomegranates balanced with saffron, dried lime, cinnamon, parsley, vegetables, and onions are commonly used in the cuisine.

May also brings Cinco de Mayo. The day that more Americans celebrate than those in Mexico. The go-to drink is usually beer or margarita. Don’t shy away from pairing wine with the complex flavors of authentic Mexican foods. Food and Wine Magazine has 10 suggestions for pairing wine with Mexican food. The LDV Sky Island Viognier also goes great with spicy foods.

Of course, Italian food is made to pair with wine. From rich tomato-based marinara pastas that need a full-bodied Barolo or Chianti Classico made from Sangiovese grapes to the delicate seafood or light summer dishes from Friuli and Veneto that pair with light Soaves from the same region. Italian foods are truly place-based or represent regional characteristics and so should the wine pairing.

Our LDV Winery and personal philosophy is based on our strong belief in the “Spirit of Place.” This extends beyond our vineyards to the connection we make with people who make life truly rich. The same spirit of place holds true for pairing wine with ethnic foods. Think about the food’s heritage and place to choose the wine that provides the perfect marriage of flavors.

Or let us help. Register today and experience this food and wine marriage with the upcoming Taste of Persia. This is the last of the Vineyard to Table series until the fall because June starts the beginning of the frantic vineyard and winery schedule. Space is limited, see menu, and register here. Register today at this link