Introducing LDV Syrah
August 1st, 2015
Peggy Fiandaca

We waited almost three long years to release our first 100% estate grown and produced Syrah.

This bottling is 100% Syrah grapes aged in one-year-old American oak barrels for 30 months.
A full-bodied wine showing classic Syrah characteristics including dark berries, leather, and a hint of mocha.
  LDV Winery
Photo Credit: Food & Wine Lifestyles

This wine pairs beautifully with blue veined and parmesan cheeses, grilled meats, and wood-fired pizza. Retail sale price $32.00 at the Wine Gallery or contact us to order.

As a new vineyard and winery, we are still in the experimentation phase. Since there are no other grapes being grown in Arizona (and maybe anywhere) in an even remotely similar terroir, we are learning about our spot as quickly as we can. The 2012 Syrah is the first from our estate Syrah block. These grapes are only two years old so the fruit is still very young but we are excited about the power and finesse of this wine at such an early age.

The LDV Winery “big red” wine program (Syrah, Petite Sirah) is modeled after what we think is one of the finest wines in the world, year in and year out, Penfolds Grange. It is a lofty goal to make wines of this stature but we feel we can eventually grow grapes of this quality on our one-of-a-kind spot. Penfolds Grange is typically made with 100% new American oak. The oak comes from up to four forests in the U.S. (Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Missouri) and coopered by AP John in Australia. We purchase the same barrels for our American oak program.

So getting back to the 2012 Syrah. We chose to see how the grapes would react to the American oak. Based on the youth of the vines and the fact that we wanted to evaluate the first Syrah fruit, once used barrels were chosen instead of new ones. We are very excited about the 2013 and 2014 Syrah in barrels now. We have a combination of new American oak and neutral oak barrels for 2013 and may make a new oak and un-oaked version of that vintage or even perhaps blend in some Grenache or Petite Sirah. This would not be a “Grange sin” as Grange usually blends up to 8% Cabernet Sauvignon into the Syrah. To illustrate that we are still trying to find the right fit while our vineyard matures, the 2014 Syrah is aging in new French oak and neutral barrels. This will be interesting to see which barrel aging methodology begins to emerge as the optimum style for our fruit!

Hope you come along for the journey.