Try a Little Red this Summer
June 1st, 2015
Peggy Fiandaca

When temperatures rise, people tend to reach for white wine.

I say break that habit and try something out of the ordinary - reach for a bottle of red wine this summer.

Here are some tips:
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Tip 1: Try chilled rose wines. They are refreshing and versatile with food. Lawrence Dunham Vineyards does not make a rose but there are wonderful, affordable roses available at your favorite wine shop. Drink it chilled a bit for a refreshing summer-time drink.

Tip 2: Many people drink red wines too warm. Typically, room temperature in most of our homes with the air conditioning on is about 75-76 degrees. Chill down red wines to about 65 degrees, especially in the summer, for a more enjoyable experience. Put your red wine in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes before serving. Pull the cork on a perfectly chilled red and float around the pool while the sun fades over the horizon.

Tip 3: Even though we tend to eat lighter in the summer because of all the available fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t give up on the reds. Consider using flavorful balsamic vinegar-based dressings and bold spices so you can enjoy a red wine with your salad. Grenache is a great salad red wine. Also, light a fire and grill those vegetables and fresh fruit. Drizzle them with fig balsamic or flavored olive oil and open a bottle of red wine. Stop into the Wine Gallery for a flavored olive oil or balsamic vinegar to pair beautifully with one of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards reds.

Tip 4: Keeping with the lighter eating theme, cheeses and fruits pair well with red wines. Sharp cheddars, blue veined cheeses, and aged parmesan are great along with red grapes, cherries, blueberries, black raspberries, and dried fruits such as cranberries.

Tip 5: Don’t put away the grill! Just because summer temperatures rise doesn’t mean a grilled New York strip steak with balsamic caramelized onions (click here for recipe) with a bottle of Petite Sirah needs to wait until fall! We are lucky in Arizona to be able to BBQ year-round but most of the U.S. is just uncovering the grill. There is nothing more American than pairing a great Grenache with a charcoal grilled burger with a thick slice of bacon and American cheese with all the fixings.

Step out of the norm, light that grill, and add a red wine to the picnic this summer.