Wine & Little Bites
March 1st, 2015
Peggy Fiandaca

The concept is simple. Contestants are judged on the balance of flavors they can pack into one bite or a taste. Chefs get a spoonful. But a winemaker gets a sip. The TV cameras roll as a chef is judged after an hour of cooking when the spoon is presented to a judge to taste and render an opinion.
  LDV Wine Gallery

Our winemaker at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards works for over three years nurturing the grape to glass journey to perfect “The Signature” Petite Sirah and it is judged in one sip. Both are masters of their craft.

We live in a fast paced world of pre-packaged food and cheap wine loaded with things that would raise your eye brow in surprise. How else do you think you can purchase $9.00 Cabernet Sauvignon? Thank goodness there are those that recognize and appreciate hand-crafted products that honor the journey as well as take pride in a quality product. People are asking where their food is grown and how their wine was made. The consumer is becoming more cognizant that not all carrots are grown the same way or all Grenache from an Arizona winery is made from Arizona grapes.

LDV Wine Gallery   The idea of pairing little bites of incredible flavors with delectable sips of wine is exciting.

Many restaurants have jumped on the small plate approach and you are seeing the emergence of more amuse bouche (single bite-sized hors d’oeuvre typically brought to the table free of charge).

Charlie Trotter was a master of the amuse bouche (but his offerings were hardly free) and here in Arizona Kevin Binkley can knock your socks off with one tasty morsel.

If this concept intrigues you, then plan on spending your Thursday night enjoying Flights & Bites at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Wine Gallery in downtown Scottsdale. Each Thursday, a different gourmet food truck chef takes up residence in the kitchen creating four incredible bites to pair with four different Rhone varietal wines. Click here for a recent menu. Or challenge your friends to a cook-off and have your own party of Wine & Little Bites.