Nature’s Miracle and Our Choice – Cork
May 1st, 2012
Peggy Fiandaca

We didn’t do a traditional honeymoon but an engagement vacation to Portugal in 1998. It was an incredible trip and the first time we traveled so far out of our comfort zone – literally and geographically. I fell in love with fields of Calla Lilies, snow white almond tree blossoms, beautiful and colorful buildings that never quite get finished, dancing in the park to music we didn’t understand, castles that pop up over the horizon – and cork.

  We came to learn later that the cork will sunbathe for almost six months and that a cork tree regenerates its outer layer 12 or 13 times during its 150-year life span.

Its first layer of bark is harvested when the tree comes of age at about 20 years.

The process of stripping the outer bark of the cork oak’s trunk is done by hand by families that have been doing it for generations.

  Because of this incredible trip, it was an obvious decision for us to choose to protect our bottles of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ wines. We believe natural cork will preserve the wine’s flavors the best over time.

But more importantly, natural cork is an important tradition that connects families to their environment and regenerates itself…something important to us as well.

We repurpose our corks in a variety of ways from Christmas tree ornaments to trivets. Let us know what you do to repurpose your corks. Email us a sentence on how you repurpose your wine corks and attach a photo with your email.