Breaking Bread with the Winemaker
April 1st, 2014
Peggy Fiandaca

Once upon a time when all we did in our spare time was take wine buying trips to fill our wine cellar with unique vintages from tiny, obscure wineries, we loved to attend winemaker dinners. There is something very special about sharing an expertly prepared meal to complement the winemaker’s works painstakingly labored over for many years.    LDV Winemaker Dinner

Growing up in a big Italian family, dinner time was where everything was discussed, experienced, and shared. However, in my family we shared a bit too much, but it was something you didn’t want to miss. The stories, history, opinions, ideas, passions, and vision overflowed as great wine was poured and incredible food served.

Awhile ago, we attended a winemaker dinner in Santa Rosa with approximately 10 locals. The winemaker’s wife was the chef and the winemaker sat next to us. We belly-laughed over the vineyard stories of trials and tribulations while learning a lot about winemaking and vineyard management; never knowing that we too would be hosting these events one day.

Another fun evening was spent blind tasting wines with Rodney Strong who entertained us with vivid accounts of dancing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, his shenanigans during the 70’s, and how he began in the wine business creating a brand that has survived more than 50 years. Or another time visiting a little vineyard along the Central Coast in California where the wine was bad, food fair, but they treated us like royalty because we chose to attend from so far away. We had so much fun and have great memories from that evening.

This week we hosted a wonderful winemaker dinner for 40 at an incredible local restaurant doing everything right. We only knew five of the attendees previous to that evening and by the end of the night we had received several invites to other events to pour our wines as well as trips planned to the winery and we are sure several new friendships were made.

Register for one of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ upcoming winemaker dinners or events and make some new connections and memories.