Sensuality of Wine
February 1st, 2014
Peggy Fiandaca

February is the month for lovers but the sensuality of wine is an experience to be savored year round. There are not too many things that I lust after (at least that I can share in mixed company) than a great bottle of wine.

What makes wine sensual?

I believe it is the aroma, the mouth feel, how it lingers, and the fact that it can spark a memory long after it had been enjoyed.

Enjoying wine like only a few other activities can bring that warm glow and smile to my face as I remember the experience. Sensuality is that powerful.

   Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

The nose is one of the most powerful organs in the human body. Smells can evoke many feelings and transport you to places and memories decades past. A keen sense of smell can detect the nuances of wines that help to expand the pleasure of enjoying a great bottle.

Unfortunately the human olfactory powers degrade as we age. However, unlike other diminishing powers associated with aging, we can help train our brains to discern differences in scents. It is just one more reason to open a bottle of wine and savor the aromas.

The mouth feel is an important aspect of a wine’s sensuality and is not always apparent. I like to describe a wine’s mouth feel as one that coats the mouth like silk lingerie clings to a body. It feels similar to a great piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. As I taste wine and experience it I want to have the lusciousness of flavors linger as long as possible. To me, how long it lingers brings me even more pleasure.

And oh the sweet memories a wine can induce. Opening a bottle of one of my favorite Pinot Noirs can take me to the beautiful place I first tasted it and who I was with. So, linger over that next bottle of wine and create a new memory.