Earth’s Fruits Come Full Circle
January 1st, 2014
Peggy Fiandaca

Great wine begins in the vineyard. Our winemaking philosophy is based upon this premise.

As an estate vineyard, Curt our winemaker, touches every vine and monitors its progress as it evolves along the grape to glass journey.

Terroir is the French word that refers to all things that can impact the vineyard – climate, soils, elevation, water, wind, etc.

We evaluated all aspects of the terroir prior to choosing the location of our vineyard.
   Winemaker, Curt Dunham tending to the vines

 Chiricahua Mountains as seen from the vineyard
  How does the terroir influence our wines?

The vineyard is at almost 5,000 feet in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills.

The peaks of the Chiricahua Mountains reach 10,000 feet behind the property. The mountains create their own weather that impacts the vineyard.

As the vines mature and reach deeper into the Rhyolite granite they are picking up the minerality from the volcanic soils.

The current releases are already expressing the depth of flavors as a result of the unique terroir at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards.

We do everything in our power to preserve and sustain the soils, water, and everything else that are the essence of our unique place.
   Lawrence Dunham Vineyards' terroir

We analyze the soils to ensure that the nutrients remain in balance and we augment them from time to time to ensure maximum plant health. We also believe we have planted the right grape varietals that will flourish in this terroir. We love Pinot Noir but this grape varietal will not do well on our property. We are finding that our terroir is best suited for Rhone varietals and the Petite Sirah, Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier have been very successful so far.

The terroir changes significantly from one vineyard to another but can also change within a single vineyard.

We have had temperature probes in our yet unplanted creekside property for two years now in hopes of better defining the terroir on that block of land.

It is five feet below the rest of the vineyard and the soil composition is quite different because of its proximity to the creek.
   Ash Creek on the LDV Estate

The existing planted vineyard is only separated from the Creekside property by our driveway! We may determine that a different varietal might be better suited to this part of the property. Time will tell.

The LDV logo is a reflection of our philosophy. The first circle represents the original Native American farmers who grew corn and squash in Ash Creek. The second circle represents us, the next generation of farmers growing grapes, and the third circle is about us turning the grapes into wine. “Earth’s Fruits Come Full Circle” is more than a catchy line to us, it is our mission. It is about being good stewards of the land, protecting our special place, and leaving a legacy for future generations.