Unexpected Gifts
October 1st, 2013
Peggy Fiandaca

I have always loved giving and receiving presents. I am a sucker for gift wrap, tissue paper, and the anticipation of opening a package given to you out of love. When I was five years old, a family friend took me gift shopping for my dad. We went store to store searching for the perfect gift which turned out to be a beautiful silk pouch. I thought my dad could keep his important things in it and have it with him always. You would have thought I gave him gold nuggets. He kept it forever and now it holds my cherished little things. When I was older, I realized I bought my dad a pipe tobacco pouch. Funny thing is my dad never smoked a pipe. What he taught me was how you receive a gift is just as important and has as much impact as the gift itself.

I love the unexpected gift, particularly if it is homemade. My house is filled with these treasures created by people from my past and present that tell a story or mark a life moment. The sweaters and throws my sister-in-law Debbie has made for me are cherished possessions. Not just because of the beauty of the end product but the time she spent knitting them and thinking about me. My friend Thea has made some beautiful jewelry and I appreciate the effort she took choosing the beads, creating the pattern, and hours beading each piece. We have received from friends homemade LDV gifts such as cork boards, trivets, signage, lamps, and copper art.

Most recently our friend Dan who created our vineyard gate presented us with an incredible masterpiece sign for our vineyard – both unbelievable works of art.

He borrowed a friend’s truck and drove down to the vineyard to surprise us with this gift made out of love and friendship. Wow!
   Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

We feel the same way about the wine we make for you. As we plant the grapevines and nourish them for several years before they produce fruit. When the fruit is maturing we begin to think about the wine it might produce. As we taste the grapes all the way up to and through harvest, we envision the wine’s possibilities. While the wine ages we imagine how the wine will be paired and enjoyed. This grape to glass journey is our gift to you.

When you are looking for a special gift for clients, friends or family, think about Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. We can create a beautiful wine gift basket or a signed bottle of wine for the special people in your life.

 Lawrence Dunham Vineyards
  This link offers a couple of my favorite recipes for gifts you can give someone unexpectedly.

Don’t wait for a birthday or holiday to surprise someone with an unexpected gift from the heart.