Spring is in the Air
March 1st, 2013
Peggy Fiandaca

I love March. It brings a sense of anticipation, optimism, renewal, and cake since I celebrate my birthday and anniversary this month. Growing up in Illinois March meant the end of winter, Daytona Beach spring break, and baby oil, Sun-In, and Hurricane tropical drinks on the beach were in my future. Today, spring brings perfect Arizona weather, though there is still a chance of a late freeze, and land preparation for spring planting.

At Lawrence Dunham Vineyards, March begins a very busy season.

Pruning is in full swing. We are hand pruning 11,000 vines.

Pruning is critical because it provides a strong structure for the foliage and grape clusters to develop on the vines.
   Pruning at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

 Soil testing
  Winter soil testing and analysis are another important task being performed providing good information on the soil augmentation required.

At LDV sustainability of our special place is taken seriously. This philosophy requires maintaining healthy soils and managing those soils for long term health of the vineyard and property.

This year Lawrence Dunham Vineyards ordered Viognier, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Grenache. We are not adding new acres but replacing “skips.” Skips are plants in a vineyard row that have not survived. We are replacing 900 skips. This is not an ideal situation because vines of different ages in a vineyard row have different requirements. It is just another challenge to farming.

This spring the Betty Lawrence Dunham Memorial Rose Garden will be established. Curt’s mom grew and loved roses. She passed that love on to her children. Curt remembers when he was 10 years old in Toledo, Ohio his mom would pay him a quarter for every hole he dug. One day he told his mom that the job was tougher than he thought and a quarter was not enough. In true mom fashion, she said OK you can do it for nothing. It was an important negotiation lesson that he learned as he dug the holes for free. This spring we will be planting approximately 20 rose bushes in her memory.

All around us spring is in the air.

The apple, pear, cherry, and almond trees are starting to come back to life.

Birds are reappearing and the beautiful native Arizona grasses are shimmering.

I hope you spend a moment every day to let spring rejuvenate your spirit.
   Spring is in the air at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards