A Do-Over
January 1st, 2013
Peggy Fiandaca

I start each New Year with great anticipation, excitement, and opportunity. I push the pause button on my very hectic life so I can take a fresh look at everything around me. It is my annual “do-over.” It is not about limitations, but about possibilities. I re-assess what I like, what is working for me, where I want to focus my energy, and define what I want to accomplish. I don’t develop resolutions I create a game plan and try to edit (things, responsibilities, and people).

To celebrate this new beginning, Curt and I start with an old Southern tradition.

Every New Year’s Day we have a big bowl of Spicy Black Eyed Peas for good luck. The tradition dates back hundreds of years. Our pea-eating days started when we met over 21 years ago. We are superstitious enough not to change a good habit.

So make up a big pot of peas, slice some crusty bread, open a cold beer, and get out your pen and paper to review and edit your life.
  Peggy & Curt in the kitchen

If you are visual person like me you might spend some time creating a “visual roadmap.” I create a collage of photos, words, sayings, and images that depict my desired future. When completed, I date it and put it away. It is a sort of treasure map to my future. I typically don’t share it and might not look at it again for months. For me, it is the intention and thought process that creates the reality.

Follow this link to our recipe for Good Luck Spicy Black Eyed Peas. Make enough to share with a neighbor or friend. We hope it will become a tradition in your family. Start 2013 with a do-over attitude and I wish for you a very prosperous year.