It’s Party Season
November 1st, 2012
Peggy Fiandaca

I love throwing a party. Always have and always will. I have thrown parties as far back as I can remember. From big slumber parties in grade school to high school keggers when my parents were out of town. Some of these parties have been legendary. But through the years I have learned a lot about hosting a party and my events have become a bit more sophisticated.   It's Party Season
Celebrating with Jackie Guthrie,
Jerry Stabley & Evelyn Casuga

Entertaining should not be too complicated or have to be expensive. However, it does take planning to reduce stress and come off effortlessly. A common problem is determining how much wine to purchase for a cocktail or dinner party. Unless your guests are a group of guzzlers, there are some basic guidelines.

It's Party Season
Lee & Kris Andresen
enjoying LDV wines
  Think about how long your cocktail party will last. Plan on a half bottle of wine per guest for every two hours they will be at the party. However, if you are serving other types of alcohol, or the event starts earlier than 6:00 p.m., you might need a half bottle of wine for every three hours.

I have found that when my guests act as their own bartender the amount of wine consumed increases. Now if you own a winery like we do all of these rules go out the wine cellar door.

For dinner parties, think about the number of courses and the different wines you will be pairing with each course. Typically, I serve my guests approximately 5 oz pours and at that rate a standard bottle of wine (750 ml) will serve five guests. Most guests that drink wine with dinner will drink 1 to 1 ½ glasses of wine per course.

If you are going to serve wine, pour it in a wine glass and not plastic. The glasses don’t have to be expensive but invest in glass.

To encourage mingling set up the bar away from the front door so guests have to move through the room to get a drink. And most importantly have fun.
  It's Party Season
LDV wine & little bites event

If you are having a good time your guests will too. So open your house, plan ahead, pop a cork, invite some friends, and party. It’s the season to celebrate.